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논문 상세정보

Flow-Induced Vibration Test in the Preheater Region of a Steam Generator Tube Bundle


Cross-flow existing in a shell-and-tube steam generator can cause a tube to vibrate. There are four regions subjected to cross-flow in Yonggwang units 3 and 4 (YGN 3 and 4) steam generators, which are of the same design as the steam generators for Palo Verde nuclear power plant Palo Verde units 1 and 2 steam generators have experienced localized oar at the comers of the cold side recirculating fluid inlet regions. A number of design modifications were made to preclude tube failure in specific regions of YGN 3 and 4 steam generators. Therefore, flow induced vibration experiments were done to determine the vibration magnitude of tubes in the economizer tube free lane region. The objective of this experiment is to demonstrate that the tube displacement is less than 0.01 inch rms at 100% of full power flow and to quantify the remaining design margin at 120ft and 140% of full power flow.

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