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논문 상세정보

Development of a Mechanistic Model for Hydrogen Generation in Fuel-Coolant Interactions


A dynamic model for hydrogen generation by Fuel-Coolant Interactions(FCI) is developed with separate models for each FCI stage, coarse mixing and stratification. The model includes the physical concept of FCI, semi-empirical heat and mass transfer correlation and the concentration diffusion equation with the general non-zero boundary condition. The calculated amount of hydrogen, which is mainly generated in stratification, is compared with the FITS experiments. The model developed in this study shows a good agreement within a range of 10 % fuel oxidation rate and predicts the controlled mechanism of the chemical reaction very well. And this model predicts more accurately than the previous works. It is shown from the sensitivity study that the higher initial temperature of fuel particle is, the larger the reaction rate is. Up to 2700 K of temperature of the particle, the reaction rate increases rapid, which can lead to metal ignition.

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