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논문 상세정보

Development and Application of Two-Dimensional Hydrogen Mixing Model in Containment Subcompartment Under Severe Accidents


A two-dimensional continuum model for the hydrogen mining phenomena in the containment subcompartment under severe accident conditions has been developed to predict the spatial distribution of the hydrogen concentration. The model can predict the distribution of time-dependent hydrogen concentration for HEDL experiments well. For the simulation of these experiments, the hydrogen is mixed uniform within the test compartment. To predict the extent of non-uniform distribution, the dominant factors such as the geometrical shape of obstacle and velocity of source injection in mixing phenomena are investigated. If the obstacle disturbing the flow of gas mixture exists in the compartment, the uniform distribution of hydrogen might be not guaranteed. The convective circulation of gas flow is separately formed up and down of the obstacle position, which makes a difference of hydrogen concentration between the upper and lower region of the compartment. The recirculation flow must have a considerable mass flow rate relative to velocity of the source injection to sustain the well-mixed conditions of hydrogen. Finally, in order to account for non-uniform distribution of the hydrogen due to the geometrical configuration the maximum-to-average ratio is functionalized.

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