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논문 상세정보

건강신념모델을 적용한 AIDS 예방의 건강신념, 태도 및 건강행동

Health Belief Model Approach to Health Beliefs, Attitude, and Health Behaviors Concerning HIV / AIDS.


This study was conducted in order to identify the extent to which Health Belief Model (HBM) constructs explain the likelihood of taking preventive behaviors for AIDS among the young adolescents in Korea. HBM was applied as the theoretical framework for developing questionnaire items in this study. The survey instrument included all of the constructs of Health Belief Model, namely, perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefit, perceived barriers, cue to actions for preventive behaviors concerning AIDS. Additionally, demographic characteristics of the respondents, their sexual experiences, and AIDS Knowledge Test were included in the study. Each of HBM constructs were developed with a 5-point Likert type scale from l(never agree) to 5 (absolutely agree). The survey was conducted with a total of 247 military men in a city on September 18, 1996, using self-reported questionnaire. The results of the study were summarized as follows: 1. Because the subjects for this study were military soldiers, their demographic characteristics were limited to all men, young age, and ummarried. Educational status was evenly distributed between high school graduates and university students. 2. On the average, the respondents started their first sexual relationship at 18 years old and 82.6% of them did not use condom when having their first sexual experience. Thirty-one percent of the subjects had sexual contact with prostitutes and the average number of sexual contact with prostitutes was 5 times during the past 2 years. 3. The results of AIDS Knowledge Test scores demonstrated that the respondents had a high level of knowledge about AIDS. However, some misconceptions about transmission of AIDS through casual contact were still prevailed. Sixty-six percent of the respondents expressed that people infected with HIV should be isolated from the society in order to protect the general public. 4. All the respondents expressed that they had heard about AIDS before. TV was found to be the source which provided information on AIDS most frequently. 5. Among fundamental constructs of Health Belief Model, scores of perceived benefit of taking preventive action against AIDS marked the highest score, while scores of perceived susceptibility were the lowest. As a result of Multiple Stepwise Regression analysis, 13 variable groups were found to predict the preventive action by 25%. Among them, only perceived benefit variables was the most significant factor to explain preventive behaviors by 17%.

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