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Under certain pathophysiological conditions, such as inflammation and ischemia, the concentration of H^+$ ion in the tissue surrounding neurons is changed. Variations in H^+$ concentration are known to alter the conduction and/of the gating properties of several types of ion channels. Several types of K^+$ channels are modulated by pH. In this study, the whole cell configuration of the patch clamp technique has been applied to the recording of the responses of change of external pH on the delayed rectifier K^+$ current of cultured DRG neurons of rat. Outward K^+$ currents were examined in DRG cells, and the Charybdotoxin and Mn^{2+}$ could eliminate Ca^{2+}-dependent$ K^+$ currents from outward K^+$ currents. This outward K^+$ current was activated around -60 mV by step depolarizing pulses from holding potential -70 mV. Outward K^+$ currents were decreased by low external pH. Activation and steady-state inactivation curve were shifted to the right by acidification, while there was small change by alkalization. These results suggest that H^+$ could be alter the sensory modality by changing and modifying voltage-dependent K^+$ currents, which participated in repolarization.

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