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논문 상세정보

Pigeonpea의 Fusarium 시들음병에 대한 화학적 방제

Chemical Control of Fusarium Wilt of Pigeonpea


The fungicidal effects of four commercial fungicides, two herbicides and two insecticides have been examined on Fusarium udum, causing wilt disease of pigeonpea in vitro and in vivo. The fungicides Bavistin and MeMc inhibited the growth of the test pathogen completely at 8 and 30 ppm. The herbicide Butachlore inhibited the growth of the test pathogen up to 80.4%. The insecticides, Ekalux and Thiodane partially inhibited the radial growth at 1000 ppm. In unsterilized and sterilized soil MeMc was most effective in controlling the disease in comparison to Bavistin and Ekalux. Maximum rhizosphere fungal population was recorded in MeMc amended soil and minimum in case of Bavistin.

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