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논문 상세정보

송이균사(Tricholoma matsutake) 배양액의 세포외 효소 활성

The Extracellular Enzyme Activities in Culture Broth of Tricholoma matsutake


송이균사(Tricholoma matsutake DGUM 26001, DGUM 26101, DGUM 26210, FRI 91024)를 사용하여 균사의 효소활성을 측정하였다. $24^{\circ}C$에서 30일간 배양후 그 여액을 조효소 용액으로 사용하였을 때, ${\alpha}-amylase$ 효소의 평균 비활성은 6142.3 unit/mg protein이었다. 배양여액 중의 xylanase의 세포의 효소활성은 상대적으로 높았으나, ${\beta}-glucosidase$, ligninase, CMCase, chitinase, pretense및 lipase의 효소활성은 낮거나 거의 없었다.


The mycelia of Tricholoma matsutake DGUM 26001, 26101, 26210 and FRI 91024 were used to determine the extracellular enzyme activity in mycelia. When the filtrate of culture broth after 30-day cultivation at $24^{\circ}C$ was used as a crude solution of extracellular enzyme, the average specific activity of ${\alpha}-amylase$ was 6142.3 unit/mg protein. The specific activity of xylanase was comparatively high. However, little or no enzyme activities were found for ${\beta}-glucosidase$, ligninase, CMCase, chitinase, protease, and lipase.

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