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논문 상세정보

도시주부의 가공식품 구매행동과 식품첨가물에 관한 인식 연구 -서울.경기지역 거주 주부를 대상으로

A Study on the Purchase Action of Processed Foods and the Recognition for Food Additives of Urban Housewives


This study was carried out to give some help for housewives recognizing the desirable purchase of processed foods and food additives. This results were abtained as follows; In case of purchase action for processed foods of housewives confirmation of manufacturing date was the highest point(4.62). When housewives bought processed foods they considered the taste of them as first, and frequencies of processed foods intake showed the ratio of 46.6%, also it was shown to be used once a week. The order for use of processed foods were milk, milk products(butter, cheese, yoghurt, lactic bacterium beverage) 40.2% >canned foods 22.6% >meat products(ham, sausage, bacon) 20.9% > jelled fish 16.3%. Most of housewives wanted to have the knowledge and information for food additives at the highest point(4.11). The interest about food additives of housewives was shown to the order of synthetic preservative 3.86 >chemical seasoning 3.74 >synthetic sweetener 3.59 >synthetic coloring agent 3.53. Also, it was shown to be thought that the hazard factors effected on food safety were agricultural chemical residue(30.9%), environmental pollution(25.2, food additives(23.0%), and microorganism contamination(20.9%).

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