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논문 상세정보

여고생(女高生)의 식품(食品)섭취 실태(實態)와 체형(體形)에 관한 인식(認識) 조사(調査

A Servey on the Food Intake Pattern and the Recognition About Body Style of High School Girls


A survey was carried out to investigate into high school girls' food intake pattern and their behavior for weight control. The average height and weight of the subjects were 161cm and 52.9kg, while 53.3% of them usually had breakfast which 83.7% of them had steamed rice and dishes,64.7% of residue (46.7%) them often skipped breakfast because they didn't have to eat. Most of them had lunch which prepared from home at lunch time (75.7%), they cheesed foods at first by taste(71.9%), but they almost didn't consider the nutritional aspects, also they had very small amount of fruits and vegetables. They had snack more than once a day(93.4%), As snack, they used mainly cookies(39%), Ramyun and Ddukbocki(31.5%),and breads(17.6%). Meal time was shown to be short such as 10 or 20 minutes(40.7%), dinner was thought to be the most important meal(66.9%) In spite of their weight was standard(56.68%), they thought their style as fatty(48.1%) and they wanted to reduce weight(90.4%). 90.3% of all subjects were interested in weight control and students with standard sizes(52.7%) and/or/(p<0.05) lean weights(27 1%) had concerning about weight control significantly. The motive of attempt to weight control was shown to be effected by mass communication(49.1%) mainly, When they tried to lose their weight, 66.7% of them depended on their own judgement, while only 1.1% asked for the advice of a doctor. The most effective way to control weight was thought to increase the amount of exercise(52.7%) and to control the amount of food (32.2%).

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