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논문 상세정보


The purpose of this study was to identify the development trends and feasibility of health-oriented convenience foods in Korea for promoting health. Special objectives were to investigate characteristics of health-oriented convenience foods; to determine the factor affecting the sale of health-oriented convenience foods; to examine marketing strategies of the foodservice industry; and to provide feedback for the development plan. Questionnaires were developed in this study and mailed to 10 food companies in Korea and then telephone interviews were carried out. Also, marketing strategies of each industry are analyzed by the visit interview with food processing and marketing chargers. The survey was conducted between September 30 and October 30, 1997. The results of this study were summarized as following : The most popular health-oriented convenience foods were completely precooked type, pouch/PE bag packaging type, diet purpose, 100-300 gram size, and convenience store sales with regard to selling and developing health-oriented convenience foods. About factors affecting selling health-oriented convenience foods, the best contributors among factors were seasonality, convenience, and negative image for instant foods. For health-oriented convenience foods, the most important factor was the improvement of taste and quality. Adults should be the most promising customers for health-oriented convenience foods. Food companies must promote variety, taste, nutrition, convenience, price, and advertising of health-oriented convenience foods for the powerful marketing strategies in the future.

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  1. Chung, Ra-Na ; Yang, Il-Sun ; Lee, Hae-Young 2007. "What's the consideration attribute on purchasing the HMR?" 韓國食生活文化學會誌 = Journal of the Korean Society of Food Culture, 22(3): 315~322 

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