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대학급식소 운영형태 변화에 따른 이용실태 및 만족도 비교분석

Measuring Attitude and Satisfaction of Yonsei University Students towards Contracted vs. Rented University Foodservices


The purposes of this study were to (a) measuring attitude and satisfaction of Yonsei university students towards contracted vs. rented university foodservices, (b) determine university students' overall satisfaction & perception regarding the factors improved towards university foodservice and (c) provide recommendation on marketing strategies for university foodservices. Questionnaires were hand delivered to 600 Yonsei University students by designated coordinators. A total of 549 questionnaires were usable; resulting in an 93% response rate. The survey was conducted between October 12 to October 18, 1995. Statistical data analysis was completed using the SAS Programs for descriptive analysis, T-test, ${\chi}^2-test$, ANOVA, Factor Analysis and Stepwise Multiple Regression. The results of this study can be summarized as follows: 1. Performance mean score for contracted foodservice management in terms of food, menu, price, hygiene, facilities was higher than for rented foodservice management. 2. The average satisfaction score for contracted foodservice management in terms of price was lower than for rented foodservice management. There was no gap between contracted foodservice management and rented foodservice management in overall satisfaction score and price satisfaction score. 3. Perception regarding the factors improved of thirteen factors to be improved except operating hours, waiting time, price, food quantity were perceived as better by students. 4. Perception regarding the factors improved have correlation with foodservice qualify attribute's performance. 5. According to multiple regression analysis, 92.05% of the variance in respondents' satisfaction score could be explained by procedure after meal, purchasing procedure, operating hours, availability of breakfast, waiting time, atmosphere, price, facilities, service endeavor to survey satisfaction in foodservice, availability of kitchen and wall space, portion size, taste of food, change of cafeteria name, the number of seats, and variety of menu.

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  1. Lee, Hae-Young ; Ahn, Sun-Jung ; Yang, Il-Sun 2008. "Case Study of Menu Satisfaction Index in Business & Industry Food Service" 한국식품영양과학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition, 37(11): 1443~1451 


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