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논문 상세정보

니오솜을 이용한 $[^{3}H]$아시클로버의 경피투과

Transdermal Permeation of $[{^3}H]Acyclovir$ Using Niosome


Niosomes are vesicles formed from synthetic non-ionic surfactants, offering an alternative to chemically unstable and expensive liposomes as a drug carrier. Non-ionic surfactant and cholesterol mixture film leads to the formation of vesicular system by hydration with sonication method. The formation of niosome was ascertained by negative staining of TEM. The entrapment efficiency of niosomal suspension was gradually increased with increasing the ratio of cholesterol to surfactant. It was found that the niosome with 6 : 4 (polyoxyethylene 2-cetyl ether: cholesterol) ratio was more stable than those with other ratios. The topical application of acyclovir(ACV) in the treatment of herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1) skin disease has a long history. There are an increasing number of reports, however, in which topical ACV therapy is not as effective as oral administration. Lack of efficacy with topical ACV has been hypothesized to reflect the inadequate delivery of drug to the skin. We investigated the permeation of niosome containing $[^{3}H]ACV$ in hairless mouse skin using Franz diffusion cell model. Permeation coefficient(P) of aqueous ACV was $6.7{\times}10^{-4}\;(cm/hr)$ and that of ACV in niosome was $23.4{\times}10^{-4}\;(cm/hr)$, suggesting about 3.5 times increase in the transdermal permeation.

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