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논문 상세정보

우육(牛肉) 조리법(調理法)의 역사적(歷史的) 고찰(考察) - 1945년 이전의 문헌을 중심으로 VII.(膾

A Historical Study of Beef Cooking - VII. Hoe(raw beef) -


The purpose of this paper on Hoe (raw beef) is to investigate various kinds of its recipes, with equal focus on seasonings and sauces as well as its main and sub ingredients. The recipes of Hoe can be broadly classified into four large groups such as Salkogi Hoe(Red meat Hoe), Hankazi Naechang-yook Hoe(made from internal organs), Jap Hoe(1)(miscellaneous Meat Hoe) and Jap Hoe(II)(rolled with a whole pinenut) while the cook books written before 1945 indicate that the number of recipes reaches up to 21. The recipe of Salkogi Hoe comprises following three steps. Cut raw beef into thin strips and season them if necessary, then sprinkling sufficient pinenut powder on the strips. Its main sauce is hot pepper paste with vinegar. The recipe of Hankazi Naechang-yook Hoe uses kidney, manyplies, liver and tripes as main ingredients. Kidney should be thinly sliced with mixture of salt, seasame salt, seasame oil, and pepper as its seasonings. Regarding Manyplies, liver and tripes, there exists two possible ways to season them after cutting into strips. You can season with sesame oil and pepper or only with salt. Main ingredients of Jap Hoe(I) consist of beef, pork, kidney, manyplies, liver and tripes, among which minimum two ingredients are selected. Ingredients selected are sprinkled with pinenut powder after cutting into thin strips. And Hot pepper paste with vinegar is used as main sauce. The recipe of Jap Hoe(II) is to cut manyplies into pieces of 2Cm by 5 Cm without removing their black part and roll each piece with a whole peanut in such a manner that the peanut sticks from rolled piece.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Na, Ho-Myung ; Bae, Seong-Yeol ; Koh, Ba-Ra-Da ; Jang, Mi-Sun ; Sung, Chang-Min ; Kim, Ji-Yeon ; Park, Heon-Gyu ; Mun, Yong-Un ; Kim, Yong-Hwan 2012. "Survey in consumers and distribution stages bacteriological analysis for fresh raw beef in Gwangju area, Korea" 韓國家畜衛生學會誌 = Korean journal of veterinary service, 35(4): 313~319 

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