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논문 상세정보


The Objectives of this study were to identify family nursing phenomena at the community in Korea and to contribute to build up family domain of International Classification for Nursing Practice. The method of this study was used retrospective one among three methods to develop ICNP during the period from April 1997 to June 1999. The procedure was to choose nursing phenomena using preliminary terms(stepl) from the reports on family nursing care of the nursing students of 5 junior colleges of nursing and 5 colleges of nursing. The study group members identified 3 common family nursing phenomena with 5 characteristics related to each phenomenon. In order to consensus the appropriate characteristics of a phenomenon(step2), 17 study group members had regrouped nursing phenomena and scored its characteristics 5 times. The essential characteristics of each family phenomenon were selected above 3.5 mean score from related characteristics(step 3). Finally, 17 phenomena were named preferred terms such as following, that was selected after investigated preliminary terms(step4). Family nursing phenomena in Korea are named as Lack of family interaction in community. Social isolation. Lack of social support system in community. Disturbance in parent role, Disturbance in marital role, Dissatisfaction of sexual life, Disturbance in family communication, Inappropriate family coping, Lack of family intimacy, Inappropriate family power structure, Family violence. Unhealthy life style. Deficit of financial management skill and support. Inadequate care a sick member. Insecure safety and hygiene in neighborhood, Inadequate home-sanitation. Inadequate home-making. Family nursing phenomena in Korea were partially confirmed family architecture of ICNP, Beta version. by this study. Further study on Family nursing phenomena in Korea will be required to support evidence through literature review of nursing classifications or field studies.



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