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논문 상세정보

하악구치부 피질골 engagement가 임플란트 하중전달에 미치는 영향에 관한 3차원 유한요소법적 응력분석



Cortical support is an important factor, as the engagement of the fixture in strong compact bone offers an increased load-carrying capacity and initial stability. Because of the poor bone quality in the posterior mandible and other anatomic considerations, it has been suggested that implant fixtures be placed in these locations with apical engagement of the lingual cortical plate for so-called bicortication. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effect of cortical engagements and in addition polyoxymethylene(POM) intramobile connector(IMC) of IMZ implant on implant load transfer in edentulous posterior segment of mandible, using three-dimensional (3D) finite element analysis models composed of cortical and trabecular bone involving single implant. Variables such as (1) the crestal peri-implant defect, (2) the apical engagement of lingual cortical plate, (3) the occlusal contact position (a vertical load at central fossa or buccal cusp tip), and (4) POM IMC were investigated. Stress patterns were compared and interfacial stresses along the bone-implant interface were monitored specially. Within the scope of this study, the following observations were made. 1) Offset load and angulation of fixture led to increase the local interfacial stresses. 2) Stresses were concentrated toward the cortical bones, but the crestal peri-implant defect increased the interfacial stresses in trabecular bone. 3) For the model with bicortication, it was noticed that the crestal cortical bone provided more resistance to the bending moment and the lingual cortical plate provided more support for the vertical load. But Angulation problem of the fixture from the lingual cortical engagement caused the local interfacial stress concentrations. 4) It was not clear that POM IMC had the effect on stress distribution under the present experimental conditions, especially for the cases of crestal peri-implant defect.

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