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논문 상세정보

미국(美國) 건축공학(建築工學) 교육(敎育)의 전개(展開), 1890-1950 -건축(建築) 관련분야(關聯分野)의 전문화과정(專門化過程)과 연결하여

A Study on the Transition of Architectural Engineering Education in the USA, 1890-1950 -With the Professionalization of Architectural Discipline-


An analysis of the courses from American architectural institutions during the period of $1890^{\sim}1950$ reveals an emergence of a distinction between a purely architectural and an architectural engineering discipline. A reflection of the economic growth, industrialization and urbanization of a nation; the education of the American architect during that period assumed a professional character. In contrast to European technical institutions which concentrate on the engineering aspects of architecture, American institutions developed a more comprehensive, design oriented curriculum within the framework of the American university system. The establishment of a system of formal education for architects and architectural engineers, replacing the tradition of apprenticeship, made it possible to train future professionals according to their ideals. But the objectives, contents and products of these curricula took on divergent characteristics from institution to institution. The growth of legal regulations( ie. ACSA, NAAB, NCARB, ASEE, etc.) governing the registration of architects and engineers, emphasized the legitimate concern within the profession to determine an acceptable standard of professional education. Such regulatory standards influenced the transition of architectural engineering education in institutions including the case of MIT. As a result, the ambivalence in architectural engineering programs found specific resolution in programs, such as architectural engineering, building engineering, construction or civil engineering.

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