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논문 상세정보

울산지역(蔚山地域) 제당(祭堂)의 건축적(建築的) 특성(特性)에 관한 연구(硏究) - 웅재면(熊材面)과 강동면(江東面)의 제당(祭堂)을 사례(事例)로

A study on the architectural character of JE-DANG in Ulsan


The purpose of this study is to analyse the architectural character of JE-DAMG at farm village in Ulsan. JE-DANG means the building for DONG-JE (the sacrificial rite of a village). The regions of this study are KANG-DONG MYEN, and UNG-CHON MYEN in Ulsan. The method of this study is the analysis of them after the actual field surveys of 47 JE-DANGs in these regions The survey contains the area, the height, the period of the erection, the architectural structure, the roof shape, the material, the landowner, SHIN-CHE (means a god's name and shape), DANG-SU tree and so on. Methods of the survey are the field survey, the interview of villager, the analysis of reference data and so on. Results of the study are below. JE-DANGs(buildings) of these regions had been built first in the period of Japanese occupancy and erections of them had continued until 1970's. Since then, they have been rebuilt. The primary JE-DANG is characterized by a tiled roof, a wooden post lintel, a mud-plastered wall, and a wooden door. After rebuilding, characters are a flat slab, a tiled roof, a structure of using red bricks, and the area is getting larger than the primary JE-DANG, but 1 KAN persists without variety. Most of houses in the inland area like UNG-CHON MYEN face the south, and ones in the coastal area like KANG-BONG MYEN face the east. Generally there is DANG-SU tree behind JE-DANG. That proves DANG-SU tree to be the object of the rite. The species of DANG-SU is a pine in general ,but various in UNG-CHON MYEN. In general names of the god are DONG-SHIN , DANG-SAN SHIN and SUNG-HWANG SHIN. I think that the landownership of JE-DANG should change the private ownership into the village ownership to preserve JE-DANG though most of lands of JE-DANG are private ones.

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