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논문 상세정보

'ㅁ'자형(字形) 중층요사(重層寮舍)의 건축특성(建築特性)에 관한 연구(硏究

A Study on the Architectural characteristics of the ㅁ-shaped Yo-Sa with two stories


This study is on architectural characteristics of the existing ㅁ-shaped Yo-Sa with two stories in Buddhist temple. The Yo-Sa has had the function of space for not only monasticism but also living of buddhist priests and been one of the important spaces in Buddhist temple from the beginning of it. The Yo-Sa with two stories appeared mostly in the later Chosun Dynasty, so the origin of the Yo-Sa with two stories is thought that it might relate to the circumstances of temples in the later Chosun Dynasty. Having got in the period of Chosun Dynasty, Buddhism lost the power that he has enjoyed since Korea Dynasty was established and the economic power of temples as well. Because of a change for the worse, the Buddhist priests should manage with reduced income and combine many buildings with various functions into a singular to overcome their circumstances. Therefore a waekened economic power might be a primary factor which urged to change form of Yo-Sa from one-storied to two-storied. The ㅁ-shaped Yo-Sa with two stories have the Dae-Bang-Chae for worship, Seung-Bang for Buddhist's living room in the bottom floor and garnering spaces to store up the agricultural produce, miscellaneous article, etc in the top floor. The composition methods depend on the condition of the lay of land, intentional design, and so on. Therefore, the ㅁ-shped Yo-Sa with two stories shows the diversity of space composition and architectural characteristics.

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