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논문 상세정보

LDPE에서 공간전하분포와 측정전류의 시간특성에 대한 수치해석

Numerical Analysis about the Time Characteristics of Space Charge Distribution and Measured Current in LDPE


In this paper in order to evaluat quantitavely the formation mechanism of space charge and its effects on the conduction characteristics in LDPE we have carried out the numerical analysis on the basis of experimental results of space charge distribution cathode field and current with time which had been simultaneously measured at applied field of 50kV/mm and room temperature. As the models for numerical analysis we employ the Richarson-Schottky theory for charge injection from electrode into LDPE and the band-tail conduction at crystalline regions and the hopping conduction by traps which mainly exist at the interface regions of crystalline-amorphous region for charge transport in LDPE. Futhermore in order to investigate the influence of physical parameters on the time characteristcs of space charge distribution and measured current we have changed the values of trap density activation energies for charge injection and transport and have analyzed their effects.

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