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논문 상세정보

임신 말 모체 및 제대혈의 비타민 $B_6$ 농도와 임신결과와의 상관성

Relationships between Vitamin $B_6$ Status of Maternal-Umbilical Cord


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the concentration of vitamin B6 in 16 pregnant-infant pairs and 15 nonpregnant women and to investigate the relationships between vitamin B6 status of maternal-umbilical cord plasma and pregnancy outcomes. dietary intake was obtained from semiquantitative frequency questionnaire. The daily mean energy and protein intakes were higher than the recommended dietary allowance, while daily vitamin B6 was only 74% of RDA in pregnant and 73% of RDA in nonpregnant women. The main sources of vitamin B6 were vegetables and fruits in pregnant women, while cereal and starch in nonpregnant women. The plasma PLP and PL levels of pregnant women were 14.85nmol/l and 20.56nmol/l, significantly lower than those of nonpregnant women. the PLP/PL ratios of pregnant and nonpregnant women were 1.65 and 0.33, indicating that the levels of vitamin B6 was altered during pregnancy. The PLP and PL levels of umbilical cord plasma were 63.55nmol/l and 32.25nmol/l, respectively. The vitamin B6 levels of umbilical cord plasma were significantly higher than that of maternal plasm. This finding indicates that the uptake of vitamin B6 in the fetus may be due to an active placental transport mechanism. The PLP level of maternal plasma correlated positively with that of umbilical cord plasma, showing the PLP concentration of umbilical cord plasma is affected by maternal vitamin B6 status. The maternal plasma PL level showed a positive correlation to infant birth weight. The positive association has bee also found between plasma PL level of umbilical cord and Apgar 1 min score.

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