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Before impression making in the fixed restorations or other prosthesis, hemostatic solutions are used for hemostasis and moisture control. Hemostatic solutions effectively control bleeding but their major ingredients, acid removes smear layers which are formed in the tooth preparation, exposes the dentinal tubular orifices which are occluded by smear layers, makes dentinal tubular fluid displace more easily to the various external stimulus, and according to the hydrodynamic theory, consequently causes dentin hypersensitivity. To know the effect of hemostatic solutions on dentin permeability, coronal dentin discs, 1mm in thickness, were prepared from extracted third molars free from decay and wear, and a split chamber device was used. Hydraulic conductance values and SEMs, which were measured before and after treatment with $Astringedentr^{(R)},\;Altract^(R)\;and\;Epri-dent^{(R)}$, were compared and ana-lysed. The following conclusions were drawn: 1. Hydraulic conductance values which were measured after the treatment of hemostatic solutions were increased in all groups(p<0.05). 2. %change values of hydraulic conductance were compared but no significant difference was found among the three hemostatic solutions(p<0.05). 3. On SEM observations of all groups, after treatment smear layers were removed and dentinal tubular orifices were partially exposed. On the basis of these conclusions, the reckless use of hemostatic solutions should be restricted, and when in use, various methods should be considered to protect dentin.

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