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FRC/ceromer system provides the clinician with a durable, flexible, and esthetic alternative to conventional porcelain fused to metal crowns. FRC is the matrix which is silica-coated and embedded in a resin matrix. The ceromer material which is a second generation indirect composite resin contains silanized, microhybrid inorganic fillers embedded in a light-curing organic matrix. FRC/ceromer restoration has a several advantages: better shock absorption, less wear of occluding teeth, translucency, color stability, bonding ability to dental hard tissues, and resiliency. It has versatility of use including inlay, onlay, single crown, and esthetic veneers. With adhesive technique, it can be used for single tooth replacement in forms of inlay adhesion bridge. In single tooth missing case, conventional PFM bridge has been used for esthetic restoration. However, this restoration has several disadvantages such as high cost, potential framework distortion during fabrication, and difficulty in repairing fractures. Inlay adhesion bridge with FRC/ceromer would be a good alternative treatment plan. This article describes a cases restored with Targis/Vectris inlay adhesion bridge. Tooth preparation guide, fabrication procedure, and cementation procedure of this system will be dealt. The strength/weakness of this restoration will be mentioned, also. If it has been used appropriately in carefully selected case, it can satisfy not only dentist's demand of sparing dental hard tissue but also patient's desire of seeking a esthetic restorations with a natural appearance.

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