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논문 상세정보


Characteristics of ethanol production by a xylose-fermenting yeast, Pichia stipitis Y-7124, were studied. The sugar consumption rate and specific growth rate were higher in the glucose-containing medium than in the xylose-containing medium. Specific activities of xylose reductase and xylitol dehydrogenase were higher in the medium with xylose than glucose, suggesting their induction by xylose. Maximum specific growth rate and ethanol yield were achieved at 30 g xylose/L concentration without formation of by-products such as xylitol and acetic acid whereas a maximum ethanol concentration was obtained at 130 g/L xylose. Adding a respiratory inhibitor, rotenone, increased a maximum ethanol concentration by $10\%$ compared with the control experiment. In order to evaluate the pattern of ethanol inhibition on specific growth rate, a kinetic model based on Luong's equations was applied. The relationship between ethanol concentration and specific growth rate was hyperbolic for glucose and parabolic for xylose. A maximum ethanol concentration at which cells did not grow was 33.6 g/L for glucose and 44.7 g/L for xylose.

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