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An autotrophic sulfur oxidizer, Thiobacillus sp. ASWW-2, was isolated from activated sludge, and its sulfur oxidation activity was characterized. Thiobacillus sp. ASWW-2 could oxidize elemental sulfur on the broad range from pH 2 to 8. When 5-50 g/L of elemental sulfur was supplemented as a substrate, the growth and sulfur oxidation activity of Thiobacillus sp. ASWW-2 was not inhibited. The specific sulfur oxidation rate of strain ASWW-2 decreased gradually until sulfate was accumulated in medium up to 10 g/L. In the range of sulfate concentration from 10 g/L to 50 g/L, the sulfur oxidation rate could keep over $2.0g-S/g-DCW{\cdot}d$. It indicated that Thiobacillus sp. ASWW-2 has tolerance to high concentration of sulfate.

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