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논문 상세정보

밀양 영남루 연혁 및 건축형식 변천에 관한 연구

A Study on the Historic Changes of Yungnam-Ru in Historic Periods and Architectural Building Forms


The purpose of this study is focused to the historic changes of Yungnam-Ru(嶺南樓), which are based on the site layout, and architectural forms in architectural building history and historic periods analyzed with the historic reference, paintings, and photos. This study is to search the alteration of the types of axis and the formation of spaces in Yungnam-Ru which is the Ru-Gak(樓閣) The conclusion of the architectural changes from the historic period and architectural form which is the belows. The first Yungnam-Ru by name had been used to be called, before it was re-called Yungnam-Ru by Kim Ju in 1365. Therefore, the hypothesis in naming Yungnam-Ru form assumption that the building under the name of Yungnam-Ru was re-named by Kim Ju from the Old Budist Temple called Yungnam-Sa, should re-considered in history. The second, it is considered that Milyang-Sibyi-Kyungdo(密陽十二景圖) as the painting can only be seen the site layout in 1542. It could be compared the differences of the site layouts from in 1542 to the present time. At that time Nyungpadang(凌派堂) was connected the main buildings called Yungnam-Ru Chimrudang(沈流堂),building was seperated with the Yungnam-Ru at that period. In 1542, the main Building(Yungnam-Ru) was consist of 5 spans of columns(from the front) and 2 spans of columns(from the side). Now, the main Building(Yungnam-Ru) has the 5 spans of columns from the front, and two spans of columns short from the side, compared to the present facade. At the past, Chimrudang(building) has the two spans of columns and one span of columns short, compared to the present facade. The third, It supposed that main building, Nyungpadang and Chimrudang in the composite of facade was connected with Wolrang(月廊) and Hunrang(軒廊) after invatioin from japan in 1592. 1844, (Chosun dynasty, Hunjong 10) the Yungnam-Ru was re-builted by maintaining the same concept in site layout of the past, and finally the three buildings was put together with Wolrang and Hunrang. As a result, the plan of the Yungnam-Ru was expanded with many aspects. From 1542 to 1844, the present site-layout gradually completed with three buildings which was spatially connected. The forth, in the middle age of Chosun dynasty, after added Gaeksa(客舍), the building is for the government officer staying temporally from outside province) in the site, the site layout was greatly changed with volume of building. In 1844, the Yungnam-Ru as the Nugak belongs to Miljukwan(密州館) was expanded spacially and formally. After that time, the burned buildings could not have been re-built because of aspects in government ability and economical ability.

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