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논문 상세정보

안동문화권(安東文化圈) 뜰집의 '직교(直交)도리' 구조(構造)에 관한 연구(硏究

A Study on the 'Perpendicular crossing Dori(Purlin)' Structure of the Ddeulzip(Courthouse) in Andong Cultural Area


The purpose of this study is the analysis of 'perpendicular crossing Dori' with a structural character of Ddeulzip in Andong cultural area. There are many structural methods to solve the problems of Ddeuljip which is connected space in the rectangular type. There are 'Slope Base', 'Woosangak' roof, 'Seosangak' roof, and '4 beam roof framing' Moreover, they have been used 'perpendicular crossing Dori'. Its characters are as follows ; 1. The 'perpendicular crossing Dori' structure is occurred in different depth of width and length space of 'ㄱ' typed plan. At that time the beam of width is crossed in the middle of the beam of length without the order under them. 2. The 'perpendicular crossing Dori' structure is the method of free depth of width in regular distance of column which is different from general usage of balcony order. 3. The 'perpendicular crossing Dori' structure is founded north-western area of Andong Cultural Area(Bonghwa, Andong, Youngju, and Yeacheun). The best old sample was in Andong(16C) and the next is Yeacheun(17C) and the last is Bonghwa(18C). 4. The frequency in use of roof type of 'perpendicular crossing Dori' structure is 64% of 'Seosangak' and 36% of 'Woosangak'. The sample of 'Woosangak' house of 'perpendicular crossing Dori' structure is concentrated in Bonghwa. 5. The best merit of the 'perpendicular crossing Dori' structure is usage of double swing window in front of Anbang, It is the spacial success which overcomes the structural limits. And it is the structural rationality.

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