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논문 상세정보

일본 근대문화유산의 보호시책에 관한 연구

Protection of Cultural Heritage for the Modern Ages in Japan


Many cultural heritages for the modern ages in Korea are becoming lost rapidly as a result of subsequent technological innovation and changes in industrial structures and other reasons. But they are indispensable for an understanding of history, tradition culture of Korea, and form the basis for development and advancement of future culture at the same time. Therefore, this study is aimed to review the protection of cultural heritage in Japan, establishing the protection policies in Korea. In Japan, The Advisory Committee for the Preservation and Utilization of Modern Cultural heritage was organized by The Agency for Cultural Affairs. And this classified modern cultural heritage into four fields, as like; (1)monuments, (2)buildings, (3)fine arts and historical heritage, and (4)life, culture, and technology to pursue concrete research and study. The next step is tarrying out investigations to identify these cultural heritages, which were once the backbone of Japanese modernization and are now in the process of being lost, in an effort to preserve them as cultural heritage of the Japanese modernization period. The investigation will have conducted on an about eight year scheme starting with 1996. And it's will ask all local boards of education(of the prefectures, cities, towns, and villages throughout the country) to supply all related records or documents available and to cooperate in field studies. So now, many cultural heritages for the modern ages in Japan have been designated as Important Cultural Properties, Registered Tangible Cultural Properties, Monuments, etc. And they have been prepared various tax policy(ex, reduction of the real estate tax). Also, that's examples are not only one by one but magnified with protection of large-scale construction associated with region. In addition, magnified with region's activities. In conclusion, in the process, protection has been extended to a broader variety of cultural properties and much consideration has been given to the methods of protection in Japan.

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