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논문 상세정보

정각(旌閣)의 건축적(建築的) 특성(特性)과 예적(禮的) 질서(秩序) -전북지방을 중심으로

The Architectural Characteristics and the Confucian Order of Jeong-Gak


Jeong-Gak is one of the Confucian architecture in Cho-Sun Dynasty. This study is founded on the architectural characteristics and the Confucian order of Jeong-Gak. The Cho-Sun Dynasty had put in operation positive Jeong-Pyo Policy for diffusion Confusion ethics and educate the people. Prize methods of Jeong-Pyo Policy are Jeong-Ryeo, Jeong-moon, remit corvee, present a post and present goods. Jeong-Moon and Jeong-Ryeo is red gate. Vocabularies of Jeong-Moon and Jeong-Ryeo have used mixing but I think that both meaning is different essentially each other. The red gate that elected in front of gate or gateway is Jeong-Moon and another red gate that elected an entrance a village is Jeong-Ryeo. Jeong-Moon and Jeong-Ryeo have no roof, so they are many problem for maintenance and management. Accordingly Jeong-Gak come out from the reign of King Jung-Jong because shelter of Jeong-Moon and Jeong-Ryeo. The function of the Jeong-Gak is shelter of the Jeong-Moon and Jeong-Ryeo, encouragement of Sam-Gang(三綱) ethics, and ostentation of a family. Besides it has a monumental characteristic. It has been distributed the whole country land that Jeong-Gak is closely related with the community of same family (rural community) the latter period of the Cho-Sun Dynasty. The architectural particularity of the Jeong-Gak is brilliance of building materials as compared with different Confucian architecture and appearance of various architectural type. It is that a type of Jeong-Gak appeared Jeong-Ryeo-Gak type, a lofty gate type, and Stone Jeong-Ryeo type. And there are keeping a rule that is to say Confucian order clearly.

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