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논문 상세정보

병원 영양부서의 급식 및 임상영양 서비스의 중점관리 요인

Task Analysis on Foodservice , Clinical Nutrition Service in Hospital Dietetic Departments


The purpose of this research was to analyze the tasks on foodservice ․ clinical nutrition service in hospital dietetic departments. A survey of 30 hospital food and nutrition service departments was undertaken and detailed informations were collected from each, including surveys of 176 dietitians and 30 foodservice managers. Statistical data analysis was completed using the SAS/win 6.11 package for descriptive analysis and t-test. The results of this study can be summarized as follows : Regarding dietitian's training period, 38.6% dietitians answered that they spent 1~2 years in mastering food service management. 28.4% dietitians replied that they needed 2~3 years in learning clinical nutrition management. It was shown that 48.9% dietitians were engaged in food service management, while 26.7% were engaged in clinical nutrition and 26.7% were engaged in both. The 13 elements of food service management showed low performance level. These elements were food temperature, food intake, menu selection, contaminated substances and serving mistake and reliance on hospital food. These should be controlled with caution. The average score of dietitian's life satisfaction within the work place was 3.42 out of 5. The most dissatisfactory element was physical environment of the workplace. 5 elements for improving nutrition service activities showed low performance level with high importance score. Problem analysis showed low difference score between importance and performance level. Hospitals under contract foodservice management received higher points on clinical nutrition performance(P<.05) than hospitals under self-operated foodservice management.

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