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논문 상세정보

충남 일부 지역의 자취와 자택 거주 대학생의 식습관과 영양 섭취 실태조사

A Study on Eating Patterns and Nutrient Intakes of College Students by Residences of Self - Boarding and Home with Parents in Chungnam


This study was carried out with 436 college students in Chungnam to investigate the relationship between residences and eating patterns of college students. The subjects were devided into two groups; those who live in self-boarding house(SB) and home with parents(HWP). The results were as follows. An average height, weight and BMI were 173.5cm, 66.0kg and 21.9 in male SB and 161.8cm, 50.2kg and 19.2 in female SB and 172.9cm, 67.6kg and 22.6 in male HWP and 161.2cm, 50.9kg and 19.6 in female HWP, respectively. There were no significant differences in the general characteristics between the SB and the HWP. The proportions of disease possession, vitamin/mineral supplements and physical exercise were not significantly different between two groups by residences. Sleeping time of the SB was longer than that of the HWP. And, frequency of cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking of the SB were higher than those of the HWP. The proportions of skipping meals in the SB were higher than those in the HWP. Approximately 40.42% of the SB tended to skip the breakfast, while 11.26% of the HWP did. It turns out that the most common reason why skipped meals was due to a eating habit(44.21%) in the SB and a lack of time(48.85%) in the HWP, respectively. The survey shows that while a great majority of the SB had lunch at campus(50.00%) and home(30.00%), the HWP ate lunch at campus(33.79%) and restaurant(33.33%). About 48% of the SB ate out more than 2-3 times a week compared to 42% of the HWP. The daily intakes of calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin $B_2$, niacin and vitamin C in the SB were significantly higher than those in the HWP. The percent RDAs of calcium and iron intakes were lower in female students than in male students. In conclusions, students of self-boarding had more dietary problems than students of home with parents. These results suggest that college students of self-boarding might have low ability of meal management. Therefore, nutrition education for college students is needed, and menus of campus cafeterias should be developed to meet the various needs of students.

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