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논문 상세정보

사회계층과 과시적 소비 및 의복가격차원에 관한 연구 - 여대생을 중심으로

The Study on Social Class and Conspicious Consumption Related to Dimensions of Clothing Price


In this study, we examined relationship among social class, conspicious consumption, dimensions of clothing price, and clothing buying behavior. The data were obtained by 290 female college students using questionnaire. The questionnaire were consist of four parts, dimensions of clothing price, conspicious consumption, clothing buying behavior, demographic factors. And the data were analysed with frequency, $x^2$-test, factor analysis, cluster analysis, ANOVA and Duncan test. The results were as follows. First, there was significant differences in social class and their attitude on dimensions of clothing price. Upper class consumers evaluate clothing price as Quality and dignity, on the other hand, lower class consumers perceived it as tendency for discount. Second, clothing selective standards was founded significantly different in social class. Clothing symbolic factor was more important to the upper class then lower class. Third, upper class consumers had a tendency of purchasing more clothes than lower class, and spend more money on clothing. Fourth, there was significant differences in conspicious consumption group and their attitude on dimensions of clothing price. Fifth, when conspicious consumption tendency is higher, importance of clothing price is highly perceived by college student. Sixth, Amount of clothing purchase and clothing expenditure were significantly different in conspicious consumption group. Consumers tend to buy more clothes and spend more money on clothes when they had high tendency in conspicious consumption.

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