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논문 상세정보

병원중심 가정간호사업에 대한 의사, 간호사의 인식과 태도에 대한 조사연구

A Study on the Recognition and Attitude on Home Health Care Program between Physicians and Nurses in a Hospital, Pusan

가정간호학회지 v.8 no.2 , 2001년, pp.148 - 158  

Purpose: This study is to investigate the attitudes on the Home Health Care among the physicians and nurses in P University. Method: Data were gathered from 71 physicians and 264 nurses. working at P University Hospital. from May 1 to May 15, 2001 and analyzed using descriptive statistics and Fisher exact test. Results: 1) As to the previous information about home health care program, those who have been familiar to it were 100% of physicians, and 99.6% of nurses, and 39% of the physicians and 66.1% of the nurses. were found to have responded with right answers, 2) As to the acceptance of the home health care program, 87% of physicians and 98.5% of nurses were found to be positive and there showed a significant difference(p= .019), 3) The main reasons for accepting the system were: the alleviation of the family burden of time, the maintenance of continuity of care, and the reasons for opposing the system were incomplete legal assurance. the possibility of providing illegal medical services. 4) The physician's intention rate of patient referrals to home care program reveled 49.2%. 5) According to the services related to Home Health Care. the orders of acceptance rates were medical tests related services (77.8%, 92%); therapeutic nursing interventions(69.0%, 88.2%): and services for medication(68.3%, 82.5%) among physicians and nurses. respectively. Conclusion: For the stabilization and successful implementation of home health care system. it should be accompanied with education for physicians about home care. setting specific laws and regulations for home care. legal assurance of home care business. outcome research for home care recipients. and support systems of hospital administration.

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