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논문 상세정보

간호학 전공 여대생이 인지한 분만의 의미에 대한 연구

A Nursing College Women's Meaning of Labor and Delivery : Phenomenological Method


A women's meaning about labor and delivery may influence the process of childbirth and performance of the maternal role. Therefore, negative meaning about the birth experience may have a negative impact on the childrearing. The purpose of this study is to explore the meaning of labor and delivery for the strategies of nursing intervention in positive childbirth experience. The data were collected through the in-depth interviews of 10 nursing college women on Jeju Island from October 2000 to January 2001. The interviews were conducted by investigator in the class room after school hours. Each interview lasted for about 30 minutes on average. Subjects were interviewed one at a time. The interviews were recorded with the consent of the subject. The data were analyzed by means of Giorgi's phenomenological analysis methods and catagorized according to the similarities of its contents. The investigator read the data repeatedly to identify the themes and the main meanings. Eight main meanings were identified as follows : 1)pain 2) shame and disgust 3)load 4)naturality 5)unreality 6)happiness 7)anxiety 8)maturity. Under these main meanings there were seventeen themes. I. Pain : (a) It's too painful (b) I don't want to deliver II. Shame and Disgust : (a) I am shameful (b) I am hateful III. Load : (a) I don't feel free (b) I have responsibility IV. Naturality : (a) It's in order to obtain a child (b) It's natural for women (c) It's a destiny of women V. Unreality : I don't feel real VI. Happiness : (a) I am glad (b) I am happy (c) It's miraculous VII. Anxiety : (a) I am anxious (b) I am worried VIII. Maturity : (a) I understand parents (b) I feel great. The results of the study will provide basic data for positive childbirth experience.

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