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논문 상세정보

지역사회간호학 관련 논문 연구동향 분석 -학회지 발표 논문을 중심으로

A Trend of Research in Community Health Nursing


This article makes an attempt to evaluate the extent of developing community health nursing knowledge and to suggest the direction of developing a body of knowledge henceforth through the results of analysis for contents and outcomes of all literatures. which have been published in the Journal related to community health nursing. Refer to the following for the result of this article. 1. The total number of literatures analyzed amounted to 100 pieces in Journal of community health nursing society. 78 in Journal of industrial nursing society, 134 in Journal of school health society. 40 in Journal of home care nursing society. 2. Journal of community health nursing society Health needs and educational-behavioral diagnoses, which are more concrete nursing assessments and diagnoses. formed the main current(54%) of articles published in Journal of community health nursing society since 1992. There was a quantitative growth as well as a qualitative advance. Through a classification by the type of a body of knowledge. It was found that the knowledge providing nursing practice with bases, commanded an overwhelming majority(71.8%). Also, Researches on systemic supports for nursing practice are showing a tendency to increase. 3. Journal of industrial nursing society 52.6% of research papers presented in Journal of industrial nursing society dealt with health problem of workers. assessment of risk factors, diagnosis of health behaviors. Because of the beginning of an industrial nursing, the domain of nursing management to establish the role and task, work condition, training. documentary system made up 23 percent of research, subjects. A knowledge providing nursing practice with bases have a majority, 69.2%. In addition. the subject concerning a systemic support and quality assurance was scarce but continuously presented. 4. Journal of school health society The major point of this journal is the identification of health problems and risk factors which belong to assessment and diagnosis domain(56.8%) regardless of year, Because of the interdisciplinary characteristic. The knowledge on quality assurance of nursing practice is relatively rare. But, articles related to a systemic support is plentiful. 5. Journal of home care nursing society In its infancy, there was a large number of papers concerning need assessment and diagnosis, Comparing others, this journal has introduced a good many of articles related to program management. delivery system. service fee, etc that belong to domain of systemic support for nursing practice. 6. It is showing definitely that quantity and extent of research have grown for a short period. See the analysis in terms of nursing process, studies related to the domain of assessment and diagnosis command an absolute majority regardless of kinds of journal. Although articles referring to program management and implementation is increasing in number, it is scarce to evaluate a nursing program and grope for an improvement. Also, program development based on a theoretical framework is little. Therefore much more scientific effort to ensure profession should be executed. 7. In the methodological aspect, longitudinal study needs to be carried out so that we could show the evidence based nursing theory. To develop a more general theory, we have to conduct a study of various subjects and improve a validity of tools through a repeat test. In addition, the effort for interdisciplinary cooperation is needed.

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