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논문 상세정보

지역사회 간호 서비스 전달 체계 모형 개발 -가정방문서비스를 중심으로

Development of Community Health Nursing Service Model: - Based on the Visiting Nurses Project in Seoul, Kyonggi, and Kang-won Area-


This study was done to identify a status of home visiting project as a community health nursing system, that was the organization. personal who have age, educational background, marital status, position, experience of the home visiting in the public sectors in part of Seoul. Kyonggi, Kang-won area, It was done to provide basis data for the development of effective visiting nurses project in the health sectors, where was Health Centers in urban and rural. Branch of Health Center in rural and Health posts. The question airs were distributed 352 public health workers who working place was 118 health workers in 12 health centers in Seoul. 56 public health workers among 39 health center and other public health sectors in Kyonggi and 178 public health workers among health center and health care sectors. Data collected from October to December. 2000. The analysis by SAS system with F test, percentage and frequency. The major result were as follows. The general characteristics of the respondent show that most of them were graduates from community college and RN-BS with broadcast that they had not completed CPHN course but only two health workers have trained for the visiting nurses project. As for their grade in the position, the most of health workers have seventh level and the other CHP were above sixth level in the health care post that in the government structure. This indicates that workers do not have great authority in decision making, the most period of works in the position was one and two years indicating that they change jobs frequently. On an average their clinical experience was 4.11 years which is ideal for the total service. As for preparation of staff for home visiting workers education on visiting nurses program have to receive short term or longer term training course for strong emphasis. The analysis showed that public health visiting workers responds about active job performance that based on an area, approach of acting by districts, education and position are shown statistically significant difference between acceptance of the visiting nursing job show the same as well as visiting nurses project. Special concerns for visiting Nursing care spread came to burden, many of activity carry out main solution is covered the health problem connective support system needs of quality and quantity which out health problem. As 71.1% of visiting health service held on the poor population was under the guardianship of the law, but people who health insurance wide application under law shown a tendency to increase gradually. The general characteristics of the patients showed 56.2% of female on average of age was 66.1 years old, they have health problem was the most of 47.6% of high blood pressure and stroke, the other and as a problem that economics, which is complex welfare with out health problem. Community health care service should be combined health and social work program. The form of delivery of visiting health care given the most guide and education with counselling and support. (33.6%) Among the six category of visiting care service shown statistically significant difference and next is fundamental care, remedy care with priority.

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  1. Kim, Jae-Hee 2010. "Effects of the Field Management Training Program for Home Care Services : Understanding and Professional Competence" 農村醫學·地域保健 = Journal of agricultural medicine & community health, 35(2): 111~123 


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