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논문 상세정보

북한의 간호교육 -반세기동안의 변화와 전망

Nursing Education in North Korea: Past 50 Years and Future


Purpose: To understand the development of nursing education of North Korea after 1945. Method: First, collecting primary sources published in NK. Second, collecting secondary sources published in South Korea. Third, interview with South Korean medical personnels who visited NK. Forth, interview with medical personnels who escaped NK. Result: After 1945 NK increased health care facilities in short time and had the policy of training medical personnel in short time. Nursing education was focused on the basic practice. NK could begin free medical treatment for the laborer in 1947. Post Korean War restoration and free medical treatment system of national level in 1950s and 1960s served to the health promotion of NK population. The medical personnel training policy continued and the number of R.N. in NK had increased 13 times in 15 years. NK has tried to increase the quality of health care service and medical personnel since 1970s. Nursing education in medical colleges is three-year course but 6 month training courses in general hospitals continue. They focus on primary prevention and oriental medicine in nursing curriculum reflecting the characteristics of NK medial care. But English and high technology is very poor, and there is no computer related curriculum. Conclusion: nursing education in NK has developed reflecting the changes of NK society and health care since 1945. After 1980s NK is in deep economic depression and it is hard to recover from the state with their hands. In this state, we cannot expect the development of nursing education in NK.

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