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논문 상세정보

영화 '마빈스룸' 가족간호중재 -시나리오 접근법

The Scenario Approach Method for Family Nursing Intervention Based on the Movie 'Mabin's Room'


Caring is an essential element of nursing. In a family with a patient. a critical situation may happen not only for the patient but also for the members of the family. Therefore, a caring service from the healthcare providers can also be requested for the family members. The movie 'Mabin's Room' deals with family problems. In this study, the assessment, problem, diagnosis and planning for the family nursing situation for family problems were made focusing on the role of characters in the movie 'Mabin's Room'. Regarding family nursing intervention, the framework of the story 'Mabin's Room' was reorganized to solve the problems based on the role of community health nurse. In this scenario approach method, the situation in the movie is used without change but the scenario related to the roles (or communication) of community health nurse for solving the family problems is added. It is a problem solving oriented method by reorganizing the scenario in a movie story situation. The reorganized scenario in this study is just an example of scenario approach method. Community Health Nurses can cultivate their creativity by solving various problems in the community by adopting or modifying this simple scenario in practice.

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