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일차의료기관의 이동 현황과 이에 영향을 미치는 요인에 대한 연구

Current Status and Reasons for the Location Change of Primary Medical Institutions in Korea


Objectives : To understand the current status of the opening, closing and relocation of primary medical institutes in Korea and identify the underlying decision factors. Methods : Sources of analyzed data included the medical institutional master file at the National Health Insurance Corporation(1998, 2000) and Regional Statistic Annual Bulletins. To investigate changes including the opening, closing and relocation, a total of primary medicalinstitutions(16,757 in 1998, 19,267 in 2000) were analysed. Results : Between 1998 and 2000, there was a 15.0%(2,510) increase in the number of primary medical institutions and the rate of increase in the rural area was higher than the urban area, and higher for specialty clinics than primary practice. However, these findings did not suggestany improvement in the maldistribution of primary medical institutions. During the time period studied, newly opened and closed primary medical institutions numbered 4,085 and 1,573, respectively. Additionally, institutions thatrelocated numbered 2,729, or 16.3% of all primary medical institutions in operation in 1998. These openings and closings were more frequent among young doctors. As a result of our analysis on the underlying regional factors forrelocation, the factors that were statistically significant were local per capita tax burden and the number of schools per ten thousand persons. !n, the case of institutional factors, movements were significantly associated with gender and the location of primary medical institutions. Conclusions : In order to establish effective long-term intervention for primary medical institutions, further study and monitoring of primary medical institutions and the identification of factors influencing opening location and relocation is necessary.

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