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This paper describes a procedure extracting feature vector of a target cell more precisely in the case of identifying specified cell. The classification of object type is based on feature vector such as area, complexity, centroid, rotation angle, effective diameter, perimeter, width and height of the object So, the feature vector plays very important role in classifying objects. Because the feature vectors is affected by noises and holes, it is necessary to remove noises contaminated in original image to get feature vector extraction exactly. In this paper, we propose the following method to do to get feature vector extraction exactly. First, by Otsu's optimal threshold selection method and morphological filters such as cleaning, filling and opening filters, we separate objects from background an get rid of isolated particles. After the labeling step by 4-adjacent neighborhood, the labeled image is filtered by the area filter. From this area-filtered image, feature vector such as area, complexity, centroid, rotation angle, effective diameter, the perimeter based on chain code and the width and height based on rotation matrix are extracted. To prove the effectiveness, the proposed method is applied for yeast Zygosaccharomyces rouxn. It is also shown that the experimental results from the proposed method is more efficient in measuring feature vectors than from only Otsu's optimal threshold detection method.

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