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Ceromers, new indirect resin system, are now being adopted for esthetic restorations. Despite of its translucency and good color matching, color stability after long-term use was unknown till now. This in vitro study was designed to evaluate color stability of some ceromers when subjected to brushing after thermocycling. Three types of ceromers: Scupture, Targis, Artglass and a direct resin system, Z100 were prepared to disks 12 mm in diameter, 2.5 mm in thickness. All specimens were polished, and Sculpture and Targis specimens were divided two groups, respectively. Then, half of them were glazed according to manufacturer's instructions. All specimen were brushed 20,000 times after 10,000 cycle thermocycling. Color was measured with spectrophotometer after 1,000, 3,000, 10,000 times thermocycling and 20,000 time brushing, respectively. Color difference (${\Delta}E$) was calculated according to CIE LAB system. During thermocycling, Sculpture & Targis system with polished surface showed greater color change than any other groups. After brushing, color difference was reduced significantly. Mean values of ${\Delta}E$ ranged 0.98 to 2.98. All Ceromers were considered clinically acceptable after thermocycling and brushing, and color change mechanism was affected by the brands and finishing methods. It might be concluded that color change of ceromer is due to surface alteration.

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