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Since the late 1930s, acrylic resins have been the materials of choice for the fabrication of complete denture bases. It has excellent esthetic properties, adequate strength, low water sorption, and low solubility. But acrylic resin has disadvantage of processing shrinkage that reduces denture retention and accuracy of denture occlusion. Metals also have been used in denture base material. Metals used in denture bases display excellent strength and dimensional stability. The major disadvantages associated with metal denture bases include increased cost, difficulty in fabrication, compromised esthetic qualities, and inability to re-base. The purpose of this study is to compare the artificial tooth movements of complete dentures with resin bases and metal bases after curing, deflasking, polishing immersion in water for 1 week and 4 weeks. Twenty-four maxillary complete resin denture bases with artificial teeth were fabricated. Twelve of them were resin based and other twelve of them were metal based. Fine crosses were marked on the incisal edges of right central incisors and distobuccal cusps of be second molars. Measurements were done for the changes of distances of reference points at the time of wax denture, after deflasking after decasting after polishing after immersion in water for 1 week and 4 weeks Meaurements were done to the accuracy of 0.001mm with a measuring microscope. The results were as follows : 1. Metal base showed significantly less tooth movement than resin base after curing and decasting (p<0.01). 2. Metal base showed significantly less tooth movement than resin base after polishing (p<0.01). 3. After immersion in water for 1 week and 4 weeks, metal base showed less movement than resin base. Difference was significant for anterior-posterior distances (p0.01). 4. 1 week and 4 weeks of immersion failed to compensate the initial processing shrinkage of metal and resin bases (p>0.01).

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