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논문 상세정보

아산(牙山) 외암(外岩)마을의 주거변화(住居變化)에 관한 연구(硏究) -1988년 전통건조물보존지구 지정 이후 2001년까지

A Study on the Transformation of the Oe-am Folk Village -From 1988 to 2001 (after Designated as a Traditional Preservation Area) -


The study is the analysis on Oe-am village which is designated as a folk-preservation village in 1988 and is included in the fact of the dwelling change through Spot-Survey and Case-Investigation in the last decade from now(2001), The result shows the main change on the stand-up dining room installation, the place with the boiler and bathroom installation, the additional expansion through the combination of the small twice or third space, the using change, the prototype restoration. The reason of this change is shown the following. 1. There is the dual structure that the villager repairs that because the repairing operation is biased the prototype restoration since the government construction. 2. The internal change is come from more at thatched house than at tiled house and the order of the main element's change is Kitchen (35%), main room (30%), living room (24%) and other rest room (11%). 3. The change of the dining room in the internal composition material is the strongest and the change is included in the using change, the installation of the new sub-division in the spot and the expansion of the outside if necessary. The reason of the main change is life-style's. Therefore we can know the change of the dwelling structure and we are able to make a modern-life. Also, If the restoration or repair is necessary, the change element on that must be considered.

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