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논문 상세정보

목조건조물의 흰개미 모니터링 및 방제방법

Termite monitoring and control managements for wooden building


The wooden building is mainly damaged by the termite which have an effect of the structure by making emptied inner part of wood. One class, Japanese termite, inhabits throughout Korea and is often detected. So the deterioration by termite attacking the wooden building needs to be controlled. Termites are over 2,800 species in the world, usually they inhabit in the tropical or subtropical region and don’t over winter in dormant condition. So their activity and distribution are chiefly restricted by temperature and humidity. The termite inhabiting in Korea is Reticulitermes speratus kyushuensis Morimoto, which known to have an optimal temperature range at $12~30^{\circ}C$ and minimum temperature at $6^{\circ}C$ for activation. These temperatures correspond to the mean temperature($5.6^{\circ}C$~$25.8^{\circ}C$) from March to November and the activity time of termitein Seoul. In addition, as a result of environmental pollution by industrial development, the climate of Korea is getting warm. The increase of mean temperature in Korea has been $1.1^{\circ}C$ for the past seventy five years, so it is expected that the damage of wooden building by termite will increase gradually. Therefore, in order to protect wooden building from damages by termite, it needs not only development of new pest control methods, but also studies on the control of environmental factors having an effect on the activity and growth of termite. For the conservation of the large cultural properties such as the wooden building in the open air, it would be effective to use the methods of fumigation, insecticidal and antiseptic chemical treatment of wood materials, soil termiticideinjection treatment, and termite colony elimination system.

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