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논문 상세정보


Using a simple continuous optical technique, coupled with measurements of zeta potential, the flocculation characteristics of kaoline suspensions of different content(15, 35 and 55 NTU) by several cationic polyelectrolytes, has been examined. The optimum mixing is obtained under a constant stirring of 200 rpm, differently from a general flocculation test. The charge density of a polyelectrolyte is important in determining the optimum dosage and in the removal of kaoline particles. The optimum dosage is less for the polyelectrolyte of higher charge density and is the same regardless of kaoline content. At the dosage, the removal of kaoline particles is higher for the polyelectrolyte of higher charge density and zeta potential of kaoline particles reaches to near zero. The rate of adsorption and flocculation rate have been found to be affected by charge density and molecular weight of a polyelelctrolyte and the content of kaoline particles.

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