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논문 상세정보

GaN 웨이퍼의 다이싱을 위한 스크라이빙 머신의 개발

Development of Scribing Machine for Dicing of GaN Wafer


After the patterning and probe process of wafer have been achieved, the dicing processing is necessary to separate chips from a wafer. The dicing process cuts a semiconductor wafer to lengthwise and crosswise directions to make many chips. The existing general dicing method is the mechanical cutting using a narrow circular rotating blade impregnated diamond particles or laser cutting. Inferior goods can be made by the mechanical or laser cutting unless several parameters such as blade, wafer, cutting water and cutting conditions are properly set. Moreover, we can not apply these general dicing method to that of GaN wafer, because the GaN wafer is harder than general semiconductor wafers such as GaAs, GaAsP, AIGaAs and so forth. In order to overcome these problems, this paper describes a new wafer dicing method using fixed diamond scriber and precision servo mechanism.

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