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논문 상세정보

바로셀로나 파빌리온의 구축적 공간 특성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Spatial Characteristics in the Tectonic of the Barcelona Pavilion


This study analyzed the characteristics of spatial expression in the Barcelona Pavilion to be based on tectonics. Mies pointed out the image of materiality about the material rather than the process of tectonics using the material, and he also expressed demateriality in the image of each material through the reflection. To be liberated from structural matters, the wall has been introduced. He intended to show the design plan as the independent structural system, however, the wall actually seems to be supporting the roof that shows rather clearly self-contradictory because of the expression of materiality in the material. In terms of architectural elements; wall, roof, column, floor, and so forth, tectonic expression and abstract aesthetics stands face to face, because of hiding the productional process and transforming to line and surface in the image of materiality. The interior of the glass wall seems fairly closed space from the exterior, because materiality and reflection of materials of columns and podium. The character of experiential space is inconsistent and fragmentary because of the splendid images from maternality and reflection on the wall, and collision with the reality and the image the wall reflects, even though the geometrical space of the Pavilion's plan has the mutual penetrability and organic character.

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