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강건설계와 열합병법을 이용한 세분화한 흡기계 저소음 최적설계

The Robust Design with Column Merging Method for the Optimal Design of Low Noise Intake System


This paper proposes an optimal design to improve the performance of the intake system by reducing the noise. We adapt the Taguchi method and column merging method for the above design. At the first stage of the design, the length and radius of each component of the current intake system are selected as control factors. Then the $L^{18}$ table of orthogonal array is used to get the effective main factors. At the second stage, the $L^{16}$ table of orthogonal array and the column merging method is combined to analyze subdivided significant factors. We know that the robust design with the column merging method provides better design for noise of intake system than the robust design itself.

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