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Discospondylitis is an infection of an intervertebral disk with concurrent osteomyelitis of contiguous vertebrae. Clinical signs are variable and include pain, fever, anorexia, weight loss, depression, stilted gait and paresis or paralysis. A seven-year-old, intact female Yurkshire terrier dog was refered to the Vfterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital of Seoul National University because of intermitent pain of unknown cause for 2 weeks. On physical examination, pain was evident when spines were manipulated, especially thoracolumbar junction part. No neurologic deficits were deteced in the general neurologic test. Spinal radiography demonstrated the bony lysis of the vertebral end plates and sclerosis of the $T_{12-13}$ vertebral body. Based on the results of examinations, the dog was diagnosed as discospondylitis and recoverd following antibiotic therapy.

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