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논문 상세정보

광물질 혼화재를 혼합한 수중불분리성 콘크리트의 물성 향상을 위한 연구

A Study for Improving Properties of Antiwashout Underwater Concrete Mixed with Mineral Admixtures


Nowadays, antiwashout underwater concrete is widely used for constructing underwater concrete structures but they, especially placed in marine environment, can be easily attacked by chemical ions such as SO$^<$TEX>2-/$\_$4/ Cl$^<$TEX>-/ and Mg$^<$TEX>2+/, so the quality and capability of concrete structures go down. In this paper, to solve and improve those matters, flyash and GGBFS(ground granulated blast furnace slag) were used as partial replacements for ordinary portland cement. As results of experiments for fundamental properties of antiwashout underwater concrete containing 10, 20, 30% of flyash and 40, 50, 60 % of GGBFS respectively, setting time, air contents, suspended solids and pH value were satisfied with the "Standard Specification of Antiwashout Admixtures for Concrete" prescribed by KSCE, and also slump flow, efflux time and elevation of head were more improved than that of control concrete. From the compressive strength test, it was revealed that the antiwashout underwater concrete containing mineral admixtures(flyash and GGBFS) is more effective for long term compressive strength than control concrete. An attempt to know how durable when they are under chemical attack has also been done by immersing in chemical solutions that were x2 artificial seawater, 5 % sulphuric acid solution, 10%, sodium sulfate solution and 10% calcium chloride solution. After immersion test for 91days, XRD analysis was carried out to investigate the reactants between cement hydrates and chemical ions and some crystalline such as gypsum ettringite and Fridel′s salt were confirmed.

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