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논문 상세정보


The purpose of this study was to investigate further the mechanics of failure of magnets used for denture retention. Dyna magnets were retrived from denture that had failed after 34 months of clinical use. The magnets were observed and sectioned in order to analyse with high resolution scanning electron microscope. From this study, corrosion behaviors of used magnetic attachment were analysed. The results were as follows ; 1. In Nd-Fe-B based magnetic materials, the erosion-corrosion was started at ununiformed part of stainless steel cover. 2. Corrosion was initiated at weared stainless steel surface and then magnetic materials were spalled by corrosive solution. 3. Spatting was occurred in Nd-Fe-B magnet materials due to corrosion products and then corrosion rate was increased drastically. 4. Corrosion started from ununiformed stainless steel surface as well as welded zone. In conclusion, the failure of magnets may occur by either breakdown of the welding or breakdown of the encapsulating material. So, it is considered that the corrosion problem of dental magnetic materials could be solved to some extent with surface treatment of dental magnetic materials.

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